Digital Music
Bruce Springsteen’s Big Sale to Sony: What’s Driving It? Strat Americas Interview on Newsy
The Super Bowl, Music, and Covid: Strat Americas Interview on i24
The Social Music Revolution: Strat Americas on Cheddar TV
The Changes in Front of TikTok, and the Opportunity with Microsoft – Fox TV Interview
TikTok’s Future, my thoughts on NBC LX
Digital Music
What’s Behind the Growth of Amazon Music? My thoughts on Cheddar TV
Digital Music
Music Innovation in the Streaming Era
My thoughts on the "Music Tectonics" podcast.
Digital Music
The Taylor Swift Developments: My Thoughts on Fox Business Watch the late
Digital Music
Spotify, Artists, Growth Strategy: Thoughts on Cheddar
Artists, New Tech, and Deals: UCLA Podcast #2
A look at the changes afoot in music and tech deal-making. How deals are be
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