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Licensing and Business Model Negotiation Consultancy

Making deeper customer relationships for your business isn’t always about finding endless new customers, or simply trying what others are doing and hoping it will work for you. Often, it involves taking what you already do well and finding meaningful ways to engage existing customers in new formats. A few examples include intellectual property (IP) licensing and business model negotiation. Check out this page for more details on how we achieve excellent results for our clients in these areas.

The Power of Listening  

A major part of our success as a licensing and business model negotiation consultancy is our emphasis on listening. We understand that winning for our clients involves actively listening to our industry partners so we know what their needs and interests are and how we can achieve mutual success as a result. Lasting success is a product of evaluating where client strengths meet partner capabilities, and our staff excels in this area.

Capitalizing on Licensing Potential  

Technology and consumer developments over the last few years have opened up intellectual property licensing opportunities that are ripe for businesses who recognize it. This industry continues to see substantial year-over-year growth, and our licensing consultancy experts can make objective recommendations on how to position your organization’s IP and infrastructure for maximum growth. We consider your existing methods, content library, and materials to pair them with consumer audiences that will increase your profits. Regardless of industry or niche, our team prioritizes licensing deals that are intuitive for the product or service at hand.

Contract Drafting and Negotiations 

A key factor in our business model negotiation consultancy is drafting first-rate contracts that produce exceptional partnerships. Being the first to produce a mutually satisfying agreement generates quality terms for our clients and allows our partners to step into contracts they’re comfortable with. We employ exhaustive market and data analysis to build propositions we’re confident in, which routinely lead to negotiation success.

Understanding Factors for Deal Success 

Part of any negotiation or licensing agreement is understanding the constraints that our partners deal with and how that affects the outcome. We perform extensive research on industry trends our partners are facing, how this influences business behavior, and how to position ourselves and clients accordingly. Our meticulous standards for relationship-building, research quality, and market acumen allow us to be leaders for our clients and a versatile resource for our partners.  

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